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Jack's Casino Online Launches Promotion for the Conference League Finals

Tonight, it's finally time for the Europa Conference League final. Feyenoord managed to qualify for the European final, which means that millions of fans will be glued to the television screen tonight.

Conference League Finals

After, Jack's Casino Online is also launching a new promotion for the clash between Feyenoord and AS Roma. Players can earn up to 50.00 euros in free-bets by depositing a sum of money and making sports bets on the final in Tirana, reported

How does the Conference League promotion work?

The Conference League promotion at the legal online casino Jack's Casino Online is only available for the final match between Feyenoord and AS Roma. A deposit of up to €50.00 must be made, as only then will the player be eligible for the promotion. The participant must also activate the promotion by accepting it.

A free-bet of 20.00 euros will immediately be awarded for the final match. This is a pre-match free-bet, so it must be wagered before the start of the game. In the first half of the match another 10.00 euro free-bet will be awarded, which can be wagered live during the first 45 minutes of play. Do not forget to collect the free-bet at that time, otherwise the free bet will expire. After that there will be the same 10.00 euro free bet for the second half of the match. In the event of an extension, another 10.00 euros will be awarded in the form of a free-bet.

Winning conditions

Conference League Finals

Any winnings from a free-bet are free of any wagering requirements. This means that the player can keep the amount of money immediately and can also have it paid out. Only the free-bet amount will not be paid out if the bet is won.