Panier (vide) to cooperate with the International Hockey Federation (FIH)

In the new sports season, the name of the legal gaming provider will appear regularly. The Amsterdam gambling company has once again managed to achieve a collaboration, this time with the International Hockey Federation (FIH).

International Hockey Federation

From the 2022/2023 season, will be the official betting partner of the field hockey federation. For example, the logo and name will be clearly present during the Women's Hockey World Cup next summer. The International Hockey Federation and the gaming provider have entered into a partnership for three seasons, reported

Reliable party

The gaming provider has been assisted in realizing the partnership by Sportradar. The Swiss organization deals with gaming data for major sports associations, including the MLB, NBA and UEFA. The same work is also carried out by Sportradar for the International Hockey Federation (FIH).

The collaboration is a first, as the International Hockey Federation has never before partnered with a gaming company. Thierry Weil, CEO of the International Hockey Federation, is therefore delighted with the new collaboration. "It was essential for us to partner with a reliable party within the betting domain. Based on the discussions we had with BetCity, we are convinced to have found the right partner!"

Field hockey World Cup 2022

International Hockey Federation

In the month of July the entire world top within the field hockey world will come to the Netherlands. The Women's Hockey World Cup will be organized in our country, but also in Spain. will be clearly present during the large-scale field hockey event. The chance of Dutch success during the World Cup is great, since the women managed to conquer three of the last four world titles. will of course offer bets on the event.